Top 5 things we can expect from Avengers: Infinity War

As the trailer rolled out numerous theories flooded over the internet regarding the Avengers: Infinity War. Whether it will be the death of Main MCU characters or the most awaited infinity stone “SOUL STONE”, Here are top 5 things that we can expect in the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.


In MCU, 5 out of 6 stones have been introduced – MIND, REALITY, POWER, SPACE AND TIME. The only stone that has not yet been introduced in the MCU is the SOUL STONE. There are numerous theories out there, stating that it would be in the THOR’S HAMMER OR WITH THE HEIMDALL, but after the release of the THOR RAGNAROK it’s clear that the soul stone is not in the Asgard or with any Asgardian. What we can expect that it might be in WAKANDA, even the Avengers Infinity War trailer shows that most of the fight sequence taking place in Wakanda. So maybe Thanos comes to Wakanda to get the soul stone, but for that we have to wait for the BLACK PANTHER!


If there’s a superhero team then there has to be an Supervillain team and Black order is the one! Black order is the group comprising of Thanos adopted children – Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian. There has a slight mention on this ” ADOPTED CHILDREN” in the Guardians of the Galaxy in the fight scene between Nebula and Gamora.

-You’re a disappointment, sister. Out of all our siblings, I hated you least – Nebula to Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy.

It was definately a indirectly reference to Black order, as Nebula and Gamora are the adopted daughtes of Thanos. We might see Nebula and Gamora against their Siblings ( Black order) in infinity war.


Captain Marvel movie is scheduled for 2019 and its scheduled between Avengers 3 and Avengers 4, it would be great to finally see a Female Superhero in the MCU. Captain Marvel without any doubt is one the strongest Superhero in MCU. According to some reports Captain Marvel Will be seen in the AVENGERS 4 but we still hope to see her in the Avengers Infinity War as she plays an connecting link between Guardians and the Avengers on Earth.


In the Infinity War it is sure that one or more AVENGERS are going to be killed by Mad Titan Thanos. But we are not still sure who it’s going to be whether it might be Steve Rogers (Captain America) or Tony Stark (Ironman) or any other character. From the trailer it looks like Vision is having a hard time fighting with the Black order and Thanos even somehow managed to get the Mind Stone out of the forehead if Vision, so will it be the death of Vision? Even in comics Captain America is assassinated in the end of CIVIL WAR SERIES. So it would be interesting to see how Marvel portrays the death of certain characters.


Marvel’s successful TV series Agents of shield returned to the small screen with another season. It would be interesting to see Agent Coulson and his team alongside with the Avengers. Even there has been no sights of Nick Fury in Infinity War trailer, so it would be interesting to see how they are going to show up in Infinity War.


Fans have been waiting for Marvel to introduce Nova in the MCU. NOVA (a.k.a. Richard Ryder). Thanos will definately destroy the Xandar for the Power Stone leaving Richard Ryder the lone survivor of Thanos destruction. In comics silver surfer is the one who informs Dr. Strange about the arrival of Thanos on Planet Earth but as it’s not possible as the Surfer’s rights are with the 21st Century fox, NOVA could be the most logical replacement.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR trailer breakdown

As the trailers made its way to the YouTube, it went on creating records and sustained it’s strong hold in the trending section regardless of any barrier. The trailer wowed everyone with its dramatic opening and full of Easter eggs that we can expect in the next trailer or the movie itself. Here is the breakdown of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR trailer.


In the opening scene of the trailer, it shows an organe-ish planet, the question arises whether it’s a new planet in the MCU or the doomed earth after the invasion of MAD TITAN THANOS. What we personally feel is that it’s a new planet in the MCU, cause if we look closely there are 2 suns in the opening scene or it might even be the moon. No announcement has been made by Marvel regarding the planet whether it’s the earth or another planet. We hope that it’s some another planet cause if it’s Earth then it looks really f**ked up.

The opening scene is followed by the voice of Nick Fury stating the dialog from the first Avengers movie. 


It looks like the Hulk made its way to home Earth as he lands in the New York scantum. Now the question is HOW DID HULK CAME TO EARTH AND WHERE IS THOR? CAUSE THEY BOTH WERE TOGETHER IN THE END OF THOR: RAGNAROK. Dr. Strange and Wang using their mystical power, so it’s sure that they were not expecting Hulk to smash through their roof. 


It looks like the Tony is really f**ked up in this scene, as he is holding someone’s injured hand maybe its the hand of any dying Avenger or someone else. We feel like it’s his own injured hand cause if we look closely the size of the hand is exact same to the Tony’s hand and even wearing the same hoodie. We have to wait for future trailer to confirm this theory.


It was good to see VISION in the human form, as he was looking weird wearing sweater and pants in the CIVIL WAR. Now in this scene Vision and Scarlett Witch having some close moments, where we can see the Mind Stone is still there in Vision’s forehead. What we feel is that this might be some kind of dream cause in the last CIVIL WAR we saw Scarlett Witch was locked up in a prison and even if she was freed from there, it would take some time for both of them to settle their differences. It would be great to finally see some kind of romance in MCU nevertheless.


In the end credits of THOR RAGNAROK we saw the Asgardian ship was confronted by Thanos sanctuary. It would really badass for Thanos to kill every Asgardian in the ship and he might threw Thor in the space while he was fighting with him.


It’s pretty sure that the Bruce Banner and Black Widow are in WAKANDA. Now the question is how did they ended up in WAKANDA? Is it prior to the final fight sequence where they are sorting their differences and what is the hand of Hulkbuster is doing with Bruce Banner? 


It looks like Dr. Strange however informed Tony about his long lost friend Bruce Banner. In this scene we can see Tony is having the phone that was sent by Steve Rogers in CIVIL WAR. It was sure that there was some kind of chaos goin on the streets on new York. 


We finally get to see the Spidey senses in action as it was missing in the SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING. As the Peter gets the goosebumps all students looks outside the bus and bamn there’s some kind of huge teleportation device in the sky of new York city. It might be some kind of teleportation gate used by Thanos to provide an entrance to his army. It can be some sort of Stargate. In the next scene we can see the teleportation gate in action as it rotates over the almost destroyed city. This might be the scene after the arrival of Thanos and destroying the city. 


We can see that Loki is giving up the tesseract, more of handing over it. This might be the scene where Thanos invaded the Asgardian ship and went on a killing spree. To stop Thanos, Loki might be handing over the tesseract. It would be really badass if Thanos killed everyone on the Asgardian ship. Also in the D23 trailer we saw Thor smashing onto the windshield of GUARDIANS Ship, even there was no sign of Loki. Did Thanos killed Loki after taking the tesseract? Or does Loki joins Thanos team? It would be great to see if Loki cheated on THANOS with some of his tricks.


It was really jaw dropping to finally see Thanos in MCU. We all were waiting since his first look in the first AVENGERS movie. He makes his way through some kind of teleportation gate. In this scene Thanos is not wearing any kind of his armour or suit. It definitely looks like Thanos visited the planet just casually and that smirk, where he knows that he owns them all. But it does not looks like EARTH, it might be Xandar where the Power Stone is kept with the Nova Corp’s. Thanos might visit Xandar before coming to Earth. 


Immediately after Thanos with his smirk, we gets to see Spiderman in IRON SPIDER COSTUME, now as we all know that Peter in the end of SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING refuses the suit as he thought it’s some kind of testing by Tony and now he is wearing it! What happened in between? Does Peter went to Tony for that suit or just Tony offers the suit to Peter for the big fight? It would be interesting to see how does Peter gets his new suit.


We have no idea what is Thor doing in this scene. It looks like he is holding some kind of teleportation gate. According to some theories, it might be some kind of mechanics that is maintaining the multiverse. If it would get destroyed then it can cause misbalance in Marvel Multiverse. It would be awesome to see marvel introducing other universes! But we still have to keep up the patience to know more about it!


And finally we get to see our beloved Captain America in action, dodging some kind of spear in the coolest way possible. It looks like he is dodging the spear thrown by Proxima Midnight. Proxima Midnight is the member of black order, it’s the team of Thanos. In this scene we also gets to see Black Panther and Scarlett Witch. STEVE ROGERS looks too good with his new rigid look, but wait why is his suit so different and dark? It looks like Steve Rogers gave up the captain America title and went rouge as an some kind underground superhero. He even removed the Avengers patch from his shoulder and we are pretty sure that he even gave up his shield as Black Panther orders someone to get Steve Rogers a shield.


We can see as the Thanos is having 2 infinity stones in his possession – Mind Stone and Power stone. So for now THANOS is having 2 out of 6 infinity stones and it would be interesting to see how Thanos gets the rest of the stones, cause in another scene we saw Proxima Midnight using her spear to extract the mind stone from vision’s forehead. This raises the question will it be the death of Vision or he continues to live in the human form?


The final sequence is full of action whether it’s the fight between Steve Rogers and Outrider or the Fight between Thanos and SPIDERMAN or the fight between Thanos and Ironman. Thanos smashes SPIDERMAN on the ground with his full force and also punching Ironman with his infinity gauntlet. It definitely hurts really bad! There were also some kind of huge pillar like structure falling on Wakanda, it might be some some of pillar used for teleportation or it can be some kind of alien ship. We also get to see Bucky with his new arm and falcon in action. It’s the first huge war in MCU and its definately taking palce in Wakanda. And it ends with a dramatic everyone running scene. 


In the end we saw the THOR meeting up with the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, this might be the scene after the invasion of Thanos and destruction of Asgardian ship.


The trailer was awesome and it gave it’s viewers a worth experience and we hope that the movie should be equally awesome. I’ll be sharing some more post related to Infinity War cause I’m fricking obsessed with it. Do share it and let me know if any details I missed while breakdown the trailer.

Worth 10 years of wait or Not?

I’ve always been a huge fan of superheros and their amazing eye catching costumes with their different powers and abilities to fight the evil, that never fails to amaze me. Recently the most awaited trailer of Avengers Infinity War has released and it created history on YouTube with having more than 32 million views in just a 24 hours bracket. The trailer was an eye candy to all even if you’re a Marvel fan or not. It was just superb with alot to process, from Spider-Man’s new IRON SPIDER COSTUME to the ALMIGHTY THOR meeting the FRICKING GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, it was just eye popping. The trailer contained a number of Easter eggs (that I’ll post it in future), and the probable fate of all the Avengers in the MCU.

Let today be the start of something new.

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